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What Do I Want to Do?

Get Organized, Get Balanced, Get Online

What Do I Want to Do? eyelight logo

What Do I Want to Do?

Get Organized, Get Balanced, Get Online

Do you want to make a change, but you just don’t know how to make it happen?

Thinker Ponders What She Wants to DoThinker Ponders What She Wants to DoThinker Asking Herself "What do I want to do?"Thinker Asking Herself "What do I want to do?"Thinker Asking Herself "What do I want to do?"Thinker Asking Herself "What do I want to do?"Thinker Asking Herself "What do I want to do?"

Maybe you are…

  • sick of your work life or
  • craving organization or
  • searching for a more fulfilling lifestyle.

If this resonates with you, then you probably have something in common with us. We were sick of hitting a wall and we just wanted to get from point A to point B.

We had to ask ourselves: WHAT DO I WANT TO DO???

Hi. I’m Bob.

Bob smiling outside | What Do I Want to Do?

I have owned my own business since 1978. And the woman you saw up there at the top of the page is Kate. She is a superstar researcher who built my online store. Together, we form the backbone of What Do I Want to Do?, a Lifestyle Research & Development team based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

We are inquisitive consultants that think creatively in terms of developing an idea. And we can coach you on how to develop your great idea for yourself. We believe in empowerment, self sufficiency and the golden rule:

No One Wins… Unless Everybody Wins

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We are looking to help people that may be:

  • business owners seeking out an online presence
  • someone with an idea that wants help making it a reality
  • interested in getting more organized
  • looking to get in touch with holistic practices such as breathwork, meditation, and martial arts
  • in need of help attaining a seemingly unattainable goal

We have innovative methods and we think you will be happy you paid us to help you.

Unknown Unknowns

But what if… you don’t know what it is that you want yet?

Good, because this is our specialty.

A little bit of background…

My main money has come from selling coins to coin collectors since 1978. In the past few years, I have successfully segued from selling coins and collectibles “the old school way” to a fully functioning e-commerce enterprise.

I wanted an online store for several years. Every attempt ended as a failed experiment. My problem was that I wasn’t tech. I never wanted to learn what I needed to learn all the way through. I wanted to give my problem to someone else, and have them do it for me.

What I found was that when I was talking with tech people, we were speaking different languages. I was unable to explain to them what I needed in terms they could understand. And they could not comprehend the subtleties of my business.

USA copper nickel coin | What Do I Want to Do?

At any rate, the project didn’t get done by professional web developers and digital marketing strategists. I needed a conversational interface.

A Unique Digital Online Strategy Created Just for Me


Then one day Kate came along and taught herself how to build my online store.

Then she taught me how to use it. And now the business is growing and new clients are finding me.

What we realized while working on this project together, is that I didn’t really know what I wanted.

I knew I wanted an online store, but I didn’t know how they worked or how to talk about them.

The reason that my project could not be realized with professional web developers and digital marketing strategists is because I wanted something SELF TAILORED to my situation.

I didn’t want a package that a “professional” would throw at me, a one-size-fits-NOT.

Finding the Right Questions to Ask

What we also realized is that sometimes getting from point A to point B is simply a matter of knowing the right questions to ask.

Together, Kate and I looked at my outdated business management and organization systems and found the flaws and the holes. Every time we got stuck on a “I wish something like THIS exists…,” Kate would go and research and come back to me with what she had gathered. She taught me current nomenclature and helped me understand the options that were actually available.

Together, we reorganized my inventory, restructured my order and invoicing flow, and reworked most of the same old methodologies that I had been using for decades.

Now, my business is growing and new clients are finding me everyday on the internet! When my morning starts, I log in to my website, and fill the orders that have come in.

We want to help YOU do what YOU want to do.

Our goal is to empower others just like ourselves to reach for their dreams. We have research methods that can HELP YOU HELP YOURSELF. If you want a website, we can help you get there. If you want to make a change, maybe we can help you chart your path.

Thinker's hands typing on a laptop | What Do I Want to Do?

Change is in the Air

You may have noticed the mask I had hanging around my neck in my intro photo above. Yes, COVID-19 has swept around the world, irrevocably changing the face of business forever. Now, business owners all around the world must pivot from traditional face-to-face commerce to an online digital strategy.

People around the world have lost their jobs. Gig workers’ incomes have been drying up. We live in a time of change. This time of change is an opportunity to look at our outmoded systems and rebuild our lives and our careers in new ways. By reorganizing ourselves and our businesses, we make way for new and wonderful lives!

I am a real live non-techy person who has insight to offer to other people, just like me, who own businesses and need to get online. And Kate is a ninja problem-solver who can dig deep to find answers (or at least elucidation) to seemingly un-answerable problems. Our creative thinking skills can benefit your goals.

Who We Are

Kate and I are both artists. Not only do I write for coin magazines, I also am a creative writer. Kate is a visual artist, writer, songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist. We both practice conscious breath work, meditation, and martial arts. Kate is good at designing structures. And I am great at looking at a thing and finding what is wrong with it or what is missing.

Sometimes getting from point A to point B is simply a means of finding the right question to ask.

Here at What Do I Want to Do?, we are offering research and coaching services in the hope that we may empower YOU to do what you want to do.

For more information, please fill out the web form below. We will get back to you soon!