Power of written word

Word without music
If jimi and janis
Had not had the
Whip of success
To their backs
Would they still
Be alive

Cmon said the
Do it again
I can’t said
There’s nothing
Else there
Right now

The money said
You wait too long
They’ll forget
We’ll have to
Move on
He made his
And cut off
His self

But r crumb
Never swallowed
The hook
And is still alive

Realistically i
Never joined anything
I never spoke for
Anyone else
I radiate silence
I don’t even
Speak for myself

I represent
No faction
Not even the things
That breathe

Have to stop now
Catch my breath


Anger joy

Not even
This and that

Musashi Miyamoto spent
The last few years
In a cave
Carving little wooden

Japan’s top
Sword man
Killed many
Never defeated

No one came to him in a his cave
Seeking revenge

I think no one
Spends time
I think
Time spends us

How can I possibly
Know my self
When i look
For it
It is always
Walking away