I Have Cancer


The health stuff.

As I wrote before, the responses have ranged from “I don’t want details” to “Give me details.” This is my middle of the road response.

“If there’s anything I can do…” some of you have written. Yes, buy stuff. Keep that wheel turning.

Now: what’s happening here. Yes, it’s cancer. Throat cancer. The “better” kind.

Very treatable, they say. They’ve decided that they’ll give me radiation and chemo for 6 weeks.

There are side effects. Not all people have them, or some of them. Some have permanent problems. You can’t really tell until you do it.

There are non-standard treatments for the cancer. The ones I looked into have anecdotal data only. It’s difficult to get data about how often they didn’t work. I’m kind of not interested in those.

My treatment team told me I should keep doing everything I can do as long as I can. I can go out to to the post office to mail your packages, if I can. I should mask, keep my distance, avoid crowds. I’m kind of used to that these days, after two years of covid.

The plan is to continue the business during treatment. It seems likely that the amount of time available to put into it will continue to be decreased through December. Plus any disability that might develop. If there’s going to be a slowdown I’ll let you know.

Treatment is supposed to end the first week of January, but there are some fudge factors like holidays and clinical considerations that might lengthen or shorten it by a few days. Whatever condition I’m in should start to noticeably improve after about two weeks.

I’ll post updates from time to time as changes occur.

I’ve liked working with y’all in this field of mutual interest. I hope to continue doing it for a while more.