Fashion is to tell people stuff without them asking. I’ll tell them what they ask nothing more Fashion is to conflate opinion with fact and then to forget that one did that and ignore the difference

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Often the awakened person feels a feeling of loyalty to the person or thing that created the awakening but the thing that was there at the awakening just happened to be there and I don’t owe it loyalty to it’s opinions If it was a conscious teacher I have no obligations to the awakener any opinions of the teacher are the teacher’s I’m there to learn what the teacher teaches I don’t care about the teacher’s opinions I have my own opinions So there was Stephen Gaskin who went around talking about awakening and I was there and I was awakened so for the next 50 years it was do I owe his opinions anything because he had them and the answer is for me no, I don’t The rain gets me wet I don’t care what the rain thinks Maybe it does think Doesn’t matter I got wet

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(Socialism purports to take the money out of scheming so it leaves the field open for avocational manipulators)

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There was the Duke of Earl I’m the nothing of nowhere

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To get to where the money

Makes itself Like a child grown and Gone A car that the engine works And it goes And I don’t have to push It

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What do

What do Nothing and everything have In common? Thing That was a joke Because i said it was Why aren’t you laughing Why are you Someone will ask me Did you work today I’ll say Yes

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A dream or just an idle fancy, echoing howl

I saw People passing in the street Bent over Each carried an enormous Sack dragging On the city pavement In the sack The things they want Some sacks have more What they call Things Some less I can’t tell All i see is in My mind Where i keep Things The sack That’s what i see (I can tell him that I can’t tell him but I know it’s mine but he can’t tell me that he knows it’s mine. He can think that but he doesn’t know that. He only knows what’s his) I rarely use periods because things in general don’t end only particulars end

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Might as well have been a dream

I saw Through a pane of glass A heavy set guy In shorts and light Blue gray tee shirt Walking away I couldn’t tell If it was a mirror or a window I figured it out eventually Took a few seconds

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Cancer Recovery Continues

From the inside, it seems like “it’s all about me.” I seem to be more inward pointing. How “I” “feel.” What “I” “think.” The raw update, then the what I thought about it. I have most of my basic taste sense back, but there is still a deficit of saliva, so I have to add liquid when I eat. The flavor typically goes away before I swallow it. It’s like trying to catch a small animal that keeps getting away. My short term stamina is about 80%. I can do an hour of light exercise. I take it easy in the martial arts classes. Just piddling around. My long term stamina is less, maybe 60%. I get tired at the end of the day. I was eating twice as much as in the before times, felt like, though it probably isn’t true, but I wasn’t gaining weight. Then I lost a few pounds. What to do, I asked the doctors. … Read more

Cancer Treatment Ends and Recovery Begins

Hi. This is what happened, on some levels, during the last week of my treatment and the three and a half weeks since. The good news is they all say I’m doing great, except for the medical oncologist, the one in charge of the chemo. She pointed out that I’d lost weight, and that my white counts were low, so I need to do something about that. Well, I have been, gained a bit of weight since then.  I mentioned that sort of “pilly” vibe to another of the doctors, and was advised that that was kind of par for the course, any #2 doctor on a team was going to tend to go strictly by the numbers. Generally only peers will argue. When I was a chiropractor working in an office I encountered all sorts of fanciful invisible fences in the way we treated each other that I’ve mostly managed to avoid in most of my life. Anyway, the … Read more