Cold Mess

Bunch of fragments: poetry and butterfly raving in the breeze Because wife and I started doing Tai Chi and they have allusive flowery names for movements and what they call “posts,” what in yoga they call poses. Like White Crane Cools Wings is a “post.” It doesn’t have to be white, or a crane, but there it is, they say that and we know what we’re supposed to do with our bodies. Butterfly maybe has an opinion about the wind. Poetry in prose. Observation in action. Step with left foot lift left hand at same time. Ooh, that was a good one. I remember I spent hours at a time writing Faith and Foolishness after 9/11. Where are those hours now. Comprehensively not available. Too many things on the list. Too much to do. Too busy to get anything done. In Praise of Factions/Doctrines/Movements/etc. They tell the same storyThey went and did this and thatIn this situation or thatAnd the same … Read more

Being, awareness, power interactions

Ruminations #1, by Bob Reis, a work in progress, 29 May 2022 Always a tendency to go on too long. At least I don’t do it too often. I was writing about my principles i use to do my “social” work. Not social work, the people who guide other people through the social system bureaucracy. I mean social in the sense of interacting with other people in any way. I’m not a natural shmoozer, not the life of the party. For me social is like crossing a rushing stream by jumping from rock to rock. “Work” in a sense. I read that left and right came about in the early days of the French Revolution, where the Deputies sorted themselves politically by sitting on different sides of the meeting hall. Did they think about the linguistic confusion of the word “right,” in which it means the right side of something and the correct answer? Probably, it’s the same in French, … Read more