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I don’t member what I was gonna call it
I feel like I continue to have episodes occurring to me
Where people say things like
You know that’s an interesting idea or hey I think you’re right
And I also have this continuing thing that
As things happen and as disasters don’t occur
I think to myself
hey disaster didn’t occur I have planned for that
And I came out OK so far huh
and so I know that
and the lifelong feeling of uniqueness that I’ve come to realize
every you know modular organism and also don’t want to have an excess of him well then he was talking about attracting your things to yourself by being in so yeah and is basically quiet in the exercise of developing in is to be quiet it’s not go out and see things so there’s that element of you know the uniqueness that is the me and it occurred to me that even though Yang Li wanting to be quiet and develop the end is actually a Yang thing and if you try it it’s hard like oh yeah and things are near Florida do it is if you actually go and develop the unit turns out that’s what most sentient beings do they just you know sit around and wait and see what happens next and then for work or level that’s their constituency which is most people that the political types are trying to motivate for some reason one faction gets there yeah convincing routines going better than another fraction that some other time it’s just you know anyway so you know there’s is giving up quality to the end and that is of course the easiest thing to do at all times I should stop there
does that thing
So I was back at the Yin Yang thing that the sifu discussed yesterday
and how are you don’t wanna have an excess of Yang
or Yin

So how to develop the Yin
Because I can’t go out and Yangishly produce competence in Yin
I have to wait and allow things to happen
That’s how Yin develops
Doing that is hard
Being actively passive