Cancer Recovery Continues

From the inside, it seems like “it’s all about me.” I seem to be more inward pointing. How “I” “feel.” What “I” “think.” The raw update, then the what I thought about it. I have most of my basic taste sense back, but there is still a deficit of saliva, so I have to add liquid when I eat. The flavor typically goes away before I swallow it. It’s like trying to catch a small animal that keeps getting away. My short term stamina is about 80%. I can do an hour of light exercise. I take it easy in the martial arts classes. Just piddling around. My long term stamina is less, maybe 60%. I get tired at the end of the day. I was eating twice as much as in the before times, felt like, though it probably isn’t true, but I wasn’t gaining weight. Then I lost a few pounds. What to do, I asked the doctors. … Read more