I Have Cancer

11/20/2022 The health stuff. As I wrote before, the responses have ranged from “I don’t want details” to “Give me details.” This is my middle of the road response. “If there’s anything I can do…” some of you have written. Yes, buy stuff. Keep that wheel turning. Now: what’s happening here. Yes, it’s cancer. Throat cancer. The “better” kind. Very treatable, they say. They’ve decided that they’ll give me radiation and chemo for 6 weeks. There are side effects. Not all people have them, or some of them. Some have permanent problems. You can’t really tell until you do it. There are non-standard treatments for the cancer. The ones I looked into have anecdotal data only. It’s difficult to get data about how often they didn’t work. I’m kind of not interested in those. My treatment team told me I should keep doing everything I can do as long as I can. I can go out to to the post … Read more